janeiro 16, 2018

....."...Unhappiness, where's when I was young,
And we didn't give a damn,
'Cause we were raised,
To see life as fun and take it if we can,
My mother, my mother, she hold me,
Did she hold me when I was out there?
My father, my father, he liked me,
Oh, he liked me, does anyone care?...".....

janeiro 09, 2018

....."...Per essere felici, non è necessario per "uccidere" ciò che noi odiamo...basta conservare ciò che amiamo!!...".....

dezembro 25, 2017

!!!Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

....."It's Christmas time,
There's no need to be afraid,
At Christmas time we let in light and we banish shade,
And in our world of plenty,
We can spread a smile of joy,
Throw your arms around the world at Christmas time...".....

dezembro 01, 2017

I can’t believe my existence,
See myself on a distance,
I can’t get back inside,
The air is so anxious,
All my tasks are so thankless,
And all of my innocence has died,
I wake at four in the morning,
Where all the doubt is swarming,
And it covers me in fear...

Full of anger and grieving,
So far away from believing,
That any song will reappear,
The end is not dawning,
It’s not coming,
The end is here,
I’m full of anger and grieving,
So far away from believing,
That any song will reappear,
The end isn’t coming,
It’s not coming,
The end is here,

novembro 12, 2017

Then we fell into the shining sea,
The wind that drags your heart down,
Well, that's what took me,
Where I need to be,
Which is here, out on Zuma,
Watching you cry like a baby,
PORTO, at the dawn,
You thought would never come,
But it did like it always does;
All I know,
And all I need to know,
Is there is no end to love;
I didn't call you,
Words can scare a thought away,
Everyone's a star in our town,
It's just your light gets dimmer,
If you have to stay,
In your bedroom, in a mirror,
Watching yourself cry like a baby,
California, blood orange sunset,
Brings you to your knees,
I've seen for myself,
There's no end to grief,
That's how I know...
That's how I know,
And why I need to know,
That there is no,
Yeah, there is no end to love,
All I know and all I need to know,
Is there is no,
Yeah, there is no end to love;
There is no end to love!!!
All I know and all I need to know,
Is there is no,
Yeah, there is no end to love,
We come and go,
But stolen days you don't give back,
Stolen days are just enough...".....

outubro 04, 2017

....."Gostar é quando um beijo tem início, tem fim, e não tem história...é apenas mais um, e não o único...Amar é ter uma ligação que vai além da carne, é uma relação de almas...!!".....

agosto 11, 2017

....."...Ooh I saw it getting better,
I saw it in another world,
I saw it in a better place,
Unrest again, get it out, unrest again;
Oh Lord take me when I'm really ready,
I fell, now I'm up again and steady,
I leave for the revolution,
Oh Lord, oh Lord...".....

julho 21, 2017

....."...The light on the horizon,
Was brighter yesterday,
With shadows floating over,
The scars begin to fade,
We said it was forever...

...But then it slipped away,
Standing at the end,
Of the final masquerade,
The final masquerade...".....

maio 30, 2017

....."Dos meus olhos vejo um mundo iluminado pela esperança,
Dos meus olhos vejo o abismo,
Dos meus olhos escorre a força de alcançar o desejável,
Dos meus olhos partem sorrisos,
Dos meus olhos salpicam lágrimas,
Dos meus olhos, e à frente dos meus olhos, está uma vida para ser vivida!!!!".....

maio 25, 2017

....."...Under a blood red sky,
A crowd has gathered (in) black and white,
Arms entwined the chosen few,
The newspapers say it says,
Say it's true say it's true,
And we can break through,
Torn in two we can be one...".....

maio 16, 2017

..... "If one day someone asks for me,
Tell me that I lived to love you,
Before you, I only existed,
Tired and with nothing to give ...

...My love, listen to my prayers,
I ask that you return, that you want to me again,
I know you do not love yourself,
Maybe you can learn again slowly;
If your heart does not want to give in,
Do not feel passion, do not want to suffer,
Without making plans of what will come later,
My heart can love for both ... ".....